Below is a list of some dining ideas for Kent, WA. These are some of the restaurants our customers can't recommend highly enough when they are in the area. Just remember if you have a large bus it's best to call ahead for a reservation.

Third Eye Grill Kent, WA

Third Eye Grill

You may well have passed this place many time and never even noticed it. From the outside you wouldn't have any idea of what the inside contains. It's a small place with just enough room to be called cozy but the food is top notch. You would be hard pressed to find any business able to match the authentic quality outside of Nepal. With a wide ranging menu everyone will find a choice that suits them, even vegetarians will be happy here.

Banyan Tree Restaurant Kent, WA

Banyan Tree Restaurant

Starting with locally sourced ingredients, Banyan Tree brings authentic Thai dishes to Kent Station. When you serve a dish called "Heavenly Beef" it better hold up to it's name and by all accounts it does, the dish is a hot plate of tender soy sauce marinated beef braised with cumin and coriander, topped with sesame seeds and served on a bed of carrot and cabbage. They serve up a number of curry dishes and pad thai, plus much, much more.

Asadero Sinaloa Kent, WA

Asadero Sinaloa

Asadero Sinaloa is the kind of place you never leave wanting. They serve up the best Carne Asada around and do so with huge portions, served up on a cutting board with grilled jalapeno and onion, served with a side of beans and homemade tortillas. When talking portion size their baked potato must be mentioned, this thing is massive, loaded with crispy steak, cheese, bacon, green onions and sour cream. Like I said you will not leave here hungry.

BBQ Pete's Kent, WA

BBQ Pete's

BBQ Pete's is a pretty casual establishment as you would expect from a BBQ joint. They have been around since the early 70's, started in Tacoma and since 2008 it has been serving the industrial valley of Kent. They have all the meat you would expect, brisket, ribs, chicken, pulled pork, even prime rib with au jus, along with your classic BBQ sides of cornbread muffins, potato salad, fries, baked beans, and 2 different coleslaw. Just as you'd want.